Monthly Archives: September 2014

A Glimpse

My sweet Lord!  Who can understand your handy work?  What insight can fathom the depth and breadth of my King? Who are you my Lord?  How is it that you are?  Oh, blessed is the day when my level of understanding will come face to face with a glimpse of yours!  Let wisdom lead this life until that glorious day!


Language of Love

Dear sweet Lord!  Continue to teach me with your language of love to iron out the creases in my mortal life.  Dear Sweet Lord!  Continue to accept my entreats for forgiveness when I fail to measure up to the standard of your benevolent love.  Dear sweet Lord!  If only you would teach me to love you as you love me.

My Love

I love you Lord!  If it were possible I love your word more.  If it were possible, I love your will for my life more.  If it were possible, I love your will manifested in my life more.  If it were possible, I love glorifying your name with my life more.  If it were possible I love being your slave!

One Desire

Dear Sweet Lord!  I have many desires, but only one is dearest and foremost in my heart!  Allow me to live my blueprint, the life you etched for me.  Let this life render honour and glory to your precious name.  Let me fulfil your call!  Your will be my will!  I am because you are.

Sealed by His Blood

Dear sweet God!  What a wonderful God you are!  You’re love for me is unfailing.  Your faithfulness knows no bounds. You know me because you created me. You love me in spite of the world in me.  You know I am mortal, a work in progress, enveloped with your everlasting love sealed by the blood of my King.