Monthly Archives: December 2015

Eternal Commitment

My love my King, your light searches my heart.

Open your present to see my eternal commitment.

My confidence rests in your Word that assures your plan for my life!

You established my course when you created me.



Art of Surrender

My love my King, teach me the art of your surrender.

In your gentle and tender way rekindle the days of my first love!

Let it testify of your goodness to all around me.

Let it break the chains of bondage for the lost!

Be Still My Heart

Be still my heart and wait on my love and my King!

Come ye, Come ye, rise and shine upon me.

Let the trumpets hail your plan for my precise steps.

Let the ground tremble with your presence in me!





Lifetime Trip

What now my love my King?

Your Will is my dearest desire.

I am ready to take that trip of a lifetime!

Hanker my heart after your guidance and lead.


Perfect Design

My love my King, fan the fires of my heart!

Let it burn with fervour and submission at your Will.

Snuff not my light out, my love my King!

Take this life for you have the perfect design.


Wind Surf

My love my King, I will wind surf the seas because of your majesty.
My spirit will soar with confidence because you are my only guide!
Teach me to surrender completely to the sway of Your perfect Will.
My heart and soul is bursting with hope in you alone!


My Painter

My love my King, I am the canvas, you are my Painter.
Only you can make a plain and empty canvas beautiful and full of life!
Mine heart’s eye wait with anticipation on every stroke of your brush.
You already know your masterpiece and I yearn to see its beauty.