Monthly Archives: January 2016

Bend Gracefully

My love my King, I am the malleable clay, you are the Potter.

Tire not of moulding me into the specimen of your perfect will.

Grant me wisdom to recognize the stages of your handiwork,

that I may bend gracefully to the touch of your loving hand!

I rest with confidence in your grace my love…


Master Planner

My love my King, while others devise their plans, you are the

Master Planner! Trust and faith have I in your guidance,

awaiting orders to walk in your management. Tread

easy my eager feet, our King is in charge of the open doors we

greet!  My confidence is vested in you my dear King.


What is this surety that I know my love?  I discern its depth deep

within my heart, mind, and soul!  My weaknesses and limitations

are only too apparent, yet your outlook in me is unassailable.

My love my King, your timing is perfect, and how I have waited!

I love you even more than I can fathom…

Immeasurable Gains

A stillness yet boldness resonates in my soul, directing my feet

to step forward in faith! With each significant stride, only the fear

of my King remains. My spiritual disposition reaps immeasurable

gains paved by the path you gave. Though your orchestration is

beyond comprehension, my love my King is my only perpetuation!


Who am I that you should grant me favour before earthly Kings?

Back straightened and gaze undaunted, words of my faith flow

easily like a musical instrument at the maestro’s direction!

Steadfast, I am resolved to walk forth as you open each door.

To your glory I march, my love my King.

My Soul Shivers

My love my King, as our beautiful relationship soars to new heights,

my soul shivers as wisdom unfolds your gift of redemption for this life.

As you draw me nigh, I am painfully aware of your amazing grace over

my fallen state, such knowledge unbearable if not for you in me!

My tears caress your beautiful feet my Teacher my King.

My Certain Delivery

My love my King, my feet tremble anticipating Your new drum beat.

Prescribed steps and focus clear, yesterday’s deception by Your grace disappear!

New horizons as you please and a champs confidence in your timeless sovereignty.

Giant steps no giant can conquer, your victory in my delivery a certain wonder!

I am yours, my love my King!